Consultancy services

We supply project management specialists to large projects - usually in the oil and gas development industry. We do not develop web sites or web applications for third parties.

Project Management

There are a number of processes within the management of large projects that are the "glue" that binds the project together. Done well, and the project goes well...

Information Architecture

If you are planning a large site or intranet, or considering how to improve an existing one, then you know how complicated it can be to identify the information schemes and structures that will work best for you - and what about sourcing or re-purposing content for the site; do you need a search function; why might you need a thesaurus? (what is a thesaurus?) Ask us how we can help you.

Site promotion and analysis

There is more to promoting your web site than "submit URL" with google and the other search engines and indexes. We don't "submit sites", but we can help you modify your site to improve its SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and advise on how best to spend your time and money on site promotion. Coupled to this is "web analytics" or the analysis of the site and it's users, by studying web server logs, for instance. We can advise you on how best to study your site, assess your marketing and improve your users experience - improving traffic, revenue, or both.

Usability study

Why are some sites a pleasure to use, whereas others seem to be designed to block your path? The answer is usability, a vast subject that covers everything from graphic design to process flow. It is also a key element of information architecture.

Web project management

We do not currently offer web project management services, but this article on web project management from a few years ago may still be of interest.

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