Web Project Management

We do not currently offer web project management services, but the following may be of some interest.

Web projects are notorious for delays, cost over-runs, and argument over specifications and deliverables.


It is said that a camel is a horse that has been designed by a committee. If you want all parties to be in agreement as to what is to be done then you need to define it clearly and progressively, starting with a short statement of objectives and ending with a comprehensive specification. You also need to remember to take into account everything that can affect the site, such as usability, architecture, and ....


Everyone needs to know what they're doing, and what to do if they can't. And then there is change management. We will be happy to consider changes - some may be easily done without problem, others may affect the cost, scope or timing.


Is everybody happy? Did everything go perfectly? Did we find a better way to manage part of the process? We want to know, and ensure that all lessons learnt go back into our project management methodology.


People need assistance and training. Sites need modifications and new content. Plan for the next phase.

Project Management methods

Traditional "waterfall" project management is best suited to processes that are well-understood, where each new project can be carried out as a clone of the previous one, with improvements fed in through lessons learnt. Car production lines are a common example given
Some of the more notorious IT disasters of the 1990's (and continuing today, it seems) showed that it was not of much value to have an intricate plan if you didn't know exactly what you were going to achieve, or how you were going to get there.
This led to a number of Agile methods, characterised by short bursts of development - called iterations - that typically last for 1 to 4 weeks. Extreme Programming (XP) is one of the ... well ... extreme examples of this, and the pendulum has swung both ways several times over the years.

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